This question is not uncommon. Tile flooring can do so much for your home that it can be the perfect addition. However, some homeowners want something that will keep a room cool on the hot days of summer. Does tile do that?

Many benefits of tile

Tile flooring comes from natural materials. This includes high-quality clay in porcelain and clay mixed with sand and feldspar and other materials in ceramic. When both are fired in a hot kiln, they come out dense and hard. Very similar to natural stone; tile can help to keep your home cool, especially if you run the air conditioner.

Tile can retain the heat in the winter from your furnace. It can also do the same for the cooler temperatures in the summer. Because tile holds temperatures more extended, your floors and home will be cooler in the summer.

If you want a softer surface for your floors, we recommend some throw rugs and runners. These can go in the living room, bedrooms, and children’s rooms. It won’t affect how the tile cools, but it will provide you with a more comfortable space for children and the elderly.

Let us help with your tile flooring

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