Floor tile is beautiful and sophisticated and adds value to a property. It's easy to make your floors unique, especially with grout.

Although we all know that grout provides a vital function, it's also an important design tool. Use it to provide contrast, accent, and highlight.

Read on to learn more about how grout can make your floors unique.

First, some basic rules:

We often hear it: you want to know how to choose grout colors.

1.Grout doesn't have to match, but it does need to harmonize with other colors.

2. You can customize grout by adding color to the cement mix. Our tile store staff will tell you more.

3.Choose grout in a neutral shade if there are mosaics, accents, or multiple shades.

4.If it's patterned, select a grout color that closely matches the tile's edges, so there's no disturbance.

5.If it’s a natural stone tile, go a little darker to highlight dark veins.

6.If the tile's glass, use white grout.

7.If you want to blend the design, use a light color. If you're going to highlight, select one a bit darker.

Some things to remember

1.Some grout mixes require water, making the color look different from what you saw in the tile shop.

2.Grout darkens over time.

3.Urethane and epoxy products offer smoother coloring.

Why pay more?

At Just a Dollar Floor, we offer high quality at affordable prices. That's because we buy in bulk and pass the savings on to you.

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