Porcelain & ceramic tile flooring FAQ

If you have spent much time researching floor tile for your home, then you have probably already asked many questions. We want to take the time today to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about porcelain & ceramic for your consideration.

Frequently asked questions about porcelain & ceramic

Are porcelain & ceramic the same thing?

While many people speak of these materials as if they are the same thing, there are some differences that you will want to know about. For instance, porcelain has a through-body color scheme, and ceramic does not, and porcelain is made with only high-quality clay, while ceramic contains other all-natural ingredients.

Is tile flooring waterproof?

Tile is excellent for waterproof applications, especially in bathrooms, kitchens, and foyers. It is incredibly dense, features extremely low permeability, and resists water damage, stains, and mold, and mildew growth, with beautiful results.

Can tile floors be installed over an existing tile floor?

If the proper preparation techniques are used, and the old tile is in good condition, installing new tile over your old tile floors is possible. Our associates will discuss all the requirements to decide if it is a task you want to undertake.

What is the lifespan of tile flooring?

In general, the lifespan of porcelain or ceramic flooring can exceed 50 years when professionally installed and properly maintained. Some tile can have lifespans that reach 100 years, so these materials are well worth your time.

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