When you go into the tile shop, you'll see an almost unlimited number of sizes and shapes. You'll find them as small as 1-inch square to as large as 25-inch square.

Sizes can also be determined by both shape and style. Explain your project to the expert in the tile store who will help you find the best one. The right or wrong tile will impact your remodeling project.


The 1-inch square is used mainly for backsplashes and walls. The 2-inch square is sometimes used as a floor tile, currently trending for bathroom floors.

Mosaics can be ceramic, porcelain, stone, or metal. They are highly decorative and often glass-coated.

The 4 X 4 square

This is the workhorse of tiles. We see it on walls, countertops, fireplace surrounds, backsplashes, tub and shower, and indoor floors.

While the 4-inch square is the most common size, you can also get it as small as a 2-inch square or as large as a 12-inch square. The latter is used mainly as floor tile, but you’ll sometimes see it on walls.

The 4 X 24-inch plank

A result of wood-look tiles, this is meant to imitate hardwood floorboards. While this is the most common size, widths can be 12-inches, lengths up to four feet.

This is often made from heavy, dense porcelain because of its high durability. Sometimes, however, ceramics are also used. So come into our tile shop and check out all the different looks.

Bigger is trending!

Large-format tiles, such as the 12-inch by 24-inch rectangle or the 25-inch square, are trending hot. They can make a room look large and airy and are often preferred for wood and stone looks.

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