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Hardwood Purchase Disclaimer

At Just a Dollar Floor you know you're getting an unbelievable deal. That's why we sell our hardwood with our glue at prices other stores just cannot beat. You will leave our store with beautiful, brand name hardwood flooring, and the adhesive to properly install it, both for less than $2 a square foot. We do require that proper adhesive is purchased with each hardwood purchase, as this is the only way we can guarantee the product after installation.

Our hardwood is beautiful. As with all individually pieced flooring, there will be some pieces with visible defects and imperfections. A professional installer will know how to cut and position pieces to mask, or even eliminate, these imperfections. However, we encourage our customers to purchase 10-20% more product than their measurements. This ensures installation will go smoothly and floors will look perfect. As always, unopened boxes can be returned if they aren't needed.

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