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Treat yourself to a brand new luxury vinyl floor

Any new floor covering is exciting, but with luxury vinyl, you can take things to a brand new level. First of all, you have the options of appearances that match any decor or interior design set you have in place. You also get durability you can really depend on, even in extra busy homes. The lifespan means you can enjoy all the benefits for a long while before it needs to be replaced. Overall, it’s an excellent floor covering for many various homes and requirements. To find out how it can serve you and all your spaces, just come see for yourself.

Just A Dollar Floor is proud to offer affordable flooring in many different materials. Our truckload purchases benefit you by providing the largest selection of materials at the cheapest possible price in Ormond Beach, FL, Daytona Beach, FL, Orange City, FL, Deltona, FL, Titusville, FL, and Cocoa, FL. Since everyone needs flooring, we think you shouldn’t have to pay more than you absolutely have to. We have showrooms in Titusville, and Orange City, FL and you’re welcome to stop in any time. We look forward to showing you how easy a wonderful flooring experience can truly be.

Luxury vinyl floor is perfect for every home

The durability of luxury vinyl flooring is highly sought after by homeowners with extremely active homes. It stands up very well under repeated duress including anything children and pets can dish out. The effects of stains, scuffs, scratches, and fading are all nearly alleviate for years to come. Thanks to its overall construction, and especially the top wear layer, that protection is ongoing for the better part of your floor’s lifespan.

Also highly sought after is the amazing beauty that comes through this material’s ability to mimic all natural flooring materials like porcelain tile, solid hardwood, and stone. You’ll not only get the look of these various materials, but also all of the different color and texture options as well. Luxury vinyl fits into any decor scheme with ease, matching any and all decor options. It’s so stunning in its beauty, in fact, that it is being used increasingly in high-end homes and businesses with great results.

Luxury vinyl is quick and easy to install, with a variety of options for doing so. It has even been successfully installed by DIY installers many times. However, some homeowners prefer the expertise that comes with a professional installation team.

Resilient & Water Resistant

Water resistant, wear resilient and simple to clean and maintain make vinyl flooring a cost effective choice for your home. Perfect for homes with children and pets, vinyl flooring provides a combination of durability and comfort you don’t see in some other types of flooring.

Whether it's vinyl rolls or planks, our large selection of vinyl flooring gives you the style you want with the peace of mind knowing you floors with last with little maintenance and care.

Vinyl is so simple to maintain and easy to install, it’s no wonder is a favorite for those doing it themselves.

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