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Are you considering vinyl flooring?

Did you know that your requirements and preferences for your floor can be met by sheet vinyl? It has outstanding visuals, exceptional durability, and other benefits that homeowners appreciate. If you haven’t experienced these floors before, give it a second look at Just A Dollar Floor. It will be worth your time.

Benefits of sheet vinyl flooring


Sheet vinyl has many benefits to homeowners, and one of them is the attractiveness of the appearance. Unlike the usual hard surface floors installed piece-by-piece, sheet vinyl comes in one sheet for the whole room. So you have access to an uninterrupted style and design.


Durable flooring options

Your sheet vinyl floor has unmatched durability. It is another reason that homeowners are drawn to this product. You can choose from various thicknesses, from 8 millimeters to 20 millimeters, for a longer lifespan. You can have padding installed, which adds a bit of cushion and resilience, needed in a kitchen where you may be standing for long periods. The top layer of vinyl is tough, resisting scratches, scuffs, and stains, leaving you with beautiful flooring for years to come.

Installing vinyl flooring

Sheet vinyl can be quick and easy to install. But you don’t want to attempt it on your own. It’s best left to the professionals. Since it is installed as one piece, the cuts and measures need to be exact, and that’s what our installers are best at. We'll make sure that your materials are correctly installed, and we won’t charge you for anything that isn’t installed. In addition, we back our installation with warranties and give you the information needed to keep them maintained. If you want more information about the installation process, or see them in person, visit our showrooms.
Vinyl flooring in Ormond Beach, FL from Just A Dollar Floor
At Just A Dollar Floor, we are here to help you with your flooring project. Be it big or small; we can handle any size project. We want you to be delighted with our work, so our qualified staff will listen closely to your desires and needs when you come into our store. Then we will work our very best to meet those desires and needs as best we can. We want to be your vinyl flooring store.

Visit one of our showrooms in Titusville and Orange City, FL. We are proud to service the areas of Ormond Beach, FL, Daytona Beach, FL, Orange City, FL, Deltona, FL, Titusville, FL, and Cocoa, FL. Come to our showrooms and experience what vinyl flooring is. Let us help you get the best for your home.